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Big data, big business

For ABB, the world’s hunger for new data centers equals an opportunity to make a difference

Black Friday demand and next generation data centers

Dave Sterlace, Global Head of Data Center Technology, reviews the impact of Black Friday and seasonal demand on data centers

What do these two things have in common?

While a data center is beginning to look more like a "factory", why do they still act different?

Scalable UPS remove a data center’s roadblock to expansion

When it came time to grow, Volico turned to Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS which provided the easy scalability and reliability needed to support his growth.

Data center innovation is not a monopoly

Scalability and flexibility for power protection was never so easy

In search of the perfect UPS

Data center managers long for the trifecta of perfect data center power: 100% available, noise-free, no UPS losses - and they're getting closer.

Data Center Infrastructure Management trends

Four Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) trends that either have or will impact the way we manage IT

Reevaluating the traditional data center energy strategy

ABB's Director of Data Center Industry for North America shares insights into the industry trends in 2016.
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