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Celebrating 25 years of innovation in China

It’s an exciting time to be in China, working for ABB.

How will the Clean Power Plan affect you?

The final rule of the Clean Power Plan was released in August of 2015. ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

Q&A with Rodney Durban

New regulations are coming for coal plants--ABB's resident expert outlines what plant owners need to know.

Cities should become low-carbon zones

European Mobility Week encourages cities to improve air quality – with good reason. Vehicle emissions kill more people than pollution from any other source.

Next-gen power generation

Two power plant designs, one nuclear the other gas-fired, offer a tantalizing look at a safe, emissions-free future.

The age of the electric vehicle is dawning

After being massively over-hyped and then written off as wishful thinking, electric vehicles (EVs) are now coming of age

The tools to tackle climate change are at our fingertips

The developed world has both the means and the technology to bring carbon emissions under control. It should lead by example.

The greening of America

Since America lost the dubious honor of being the world’s biggest polluter to China in 2006, its carbon emissions have fallen to levels last seen in the mid-1990s

The true cost of shale gas should include carbon capture

Behaving responsibly to avoid a legacy of pollution for future generations
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