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An evolution in robot design

A "small" addition to a big family means more versatility for demanding robotic applications.

Robots improving air quality? Why not?

Reducing things like tailpipe and power plant emissions greatly helps to improve air quality, but in a Volvo factory in China, robots are helping too.

Ultra-flexible robotic manufacturing at a Changan-Ford plant in China

China has grown into one of the largest markets for industrial robotics. This example at a Changan-Ford factory highlights why.

Why don’t you ride your bike instead?

The environmental appeal of mass transit and the humble bicycle is undeniable, but getting out of the car takes more than good intentions.

More than just welding cars, robots do some incredible things

It's a brave new world for robots, and the number of things they can do is increasing all the time.

Help! What kind of car should I buy?

Car manufacturers, take a good look at me - I am your typical car buyer.

Big changes can come in small (robotic) packages

A robotics specialist in the United States proves that sometimes it's the small, seemingly insignificant developments that create the biggest changes.