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Getting our house in order with AI

Battling climate change is arguably the most important priority for humankind.

Embracing sustainable mobility can help Bangkok residents breathe cleaner air

Adopting electric vehicles and creating better infrastructure for e-mobility will reduce air pollution in Thailand’s capital city

A new bus generation

ABB is contributing to a low-carbon future by developing technologies to encourage large-scale adoption of e-buses without the need for overhead wires.

LEDs help shrink carbon emissions

How LEDs contribute to the energy transition and lower operational costs

IMO Tier III decision making waves in the marine industry

As awareness of the shipping industry's contribution to exhaust emissions grows, the international marine transportation sector is facing tighter limits.

Washington and Beijing in tune on climate change?

The world's biggest polluters join forces and face the music.

Will you line up for a new iPad?

Robotic jellyfish hunters, the quote of the week and more in this week’s roundup of the most interesting science and tech news published on the Web

New IPCC report – authoritative warning on climate change

More than 800 scientists contributed to the IPCC report, which cites more than 9200 scientific reports and has been peer reviewed by hundreds of experts

Hold the phone! Before you update to iOS 7, know this

A weekly roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web
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