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A robotic win-win: good for business AND the environment

A mobile packaging system takes the factory to the raw material, eliminating a huge amount of energy usage [includes video].

We may not have light sabers yet, but robots and lasers are pretty cool

Putting a laser on the end of a robotic arm sounds like something out of science fiction, but it's a reality in today's manufacturing world.

We all depend on five senses to explore the world. Now robots do too.

Someone once said the eyes are a window to our soul. While we can’t give our robots a soul yet, we have found a way to allow them to see.

250,000 robots sold in 40 years – collaboration makes it possible

ABB Robotics North American Technology Days: Three days, 50 robots, and more than 1,000 attendees.

YouTube: What do our customers think of our robots?

What do our customers think of our robots? We corralled just a few of them at Pack Expo 2012 to find out why they stick with ABB.

Working with ABB is “like a good marriage”

Robotic welding solutions powerhouse, AWL Techniek, likes working with ABB Robotics because they feel like part of the family.