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Three creative ideas to light up the world

More than 1 billion people have no access to electricity, but creative minds are elaborating solutions

Access to Electricity in rural India

How we can we sustain our help for people at the base of the pyramid?

If engineering has a tent, it needs to get bigger

ABB is all in when it comes to making engineering more accessible--even in preschool circles.

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

It's usually a hypothetical question, until a power outage suddenly makes it a very real possibility.

Have we reached a tipping point on climate change?

'Society looks to politicians and regulators to make sensible laws.'

Fiddling while Rome burns…a new report

"The report asks how we can address the effects of climate change caused by oil, gas and coal, while at the same time satisfying the energy needs of a developing world?"

A weakening response to climate change: good news for ABB?

'Most of the technology required to make better use of energy and thus cut CO2 emissions, is available now.'

Energy efficiency is no longer an opinion!

It saves money, the environment and elevates the stature of a company's brand

Why electric mining vehicles are starting to take off

Regenerative drives built for rugged mining vehicles are enabling better total efficiencies and reduce cost and emissions.
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