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An ABB robot made out of LEGO® is a perfect Scandinavian match

It took eight months to build using only spare time, but an electronically controllable ABB robot made out of LEGO bricks is a spectacular thing to behold.

Robots and jobs, a nuanced issue

Judging by some of the headlines around the world it would be easy to conclude that robots are the source of our employment problems. The reality is far more nuanced.

Fostering success

For SynerLeap, a one-year anniversary worth celebrating

Big news: we’re manufacturing robots in the United States

With the official opening of the Robotics Manufacturing facility in Michigan, ABB becomes 1st global industrial robotics company to build robots in the USA.

Robots + Hi Def Screens = Spectacular Entertainment

On-board the Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's newest ship, experience one of the world's most technologically advanced performance stages anywhere.

Iron Man 3 + ABB Robots = Fun and Games

When it comes to spotting our robots in movies, playing games as an adult turns into a professional endeavor

Automation goes back to the future—with beer

By combining a two century-old brewery with state of the art robots you get a company brimming with tradition that knows how to compete in the modern world.

A night at the opera

Behind the scenes of preparing YuMi’s conducting debut

Barcelona is a great place to grow a robotic family

We're not at the point where robot parents are taking their robot kids on vacation, but we are celebrating a growing robotic family in Barcelona this week.
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