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(Re)Start me up: What could the world’s first reuse of electric vehicle batteries as energy storage mean for smart grids?

'Five Chevrolet Volt battery packs combined with an ABB inverter and test software could provide two hours of back-up power for three to five average American homes'

Harnessing the power of wind: small solutions for tall issues?

Wind power is one of the cleanest means of generating electricity

Flexible solar power solutions ideal for remote generation sites

A distinct advantage of solar power generation is its design flexibility.

World’s largest linear solar power plant able to power 15,000 Spanish homes

Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology to produce 30 megawatts (50 million kilowatt-hours per year) of clean solar energy for the Spanish power grid

Are you curious about our transformers? Just ASK…

New ASK platform gives you online access to our transformer experts

Optimizing power plant performance for energy efficiency

How power plants can save on electricity consumption that they work so hard to produce.

Sensors stop energy thieves

Energy theft is a serious problem around the world that is not going away anytime soon.
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