ABB Pulp and Paper Tour is reaching new levels of customer experience year on year

Thank you to all our customers for making this year’s tour a great success

During two sunny weeks at the end of April, our Swedish pulp and paper team took to the roads in our customized Pulp and Paper Truck to visit our customers at several mills in Sweden. In the truck, we are showcasing our solutions for more efficient, safe, and sustainable pulp and paper operations and showing how you can unlock the potential of your pulp and paper mill with integrated, digital solutions to support the entire value chain.  

This year, I also had the pleasure to go on one of these visits, and I was very happy to see many familiar and new faces coming to experience the truck. I was so excited to see the impact of bringing our solutions directly to our customers. Take for example the L&W Autoline. Unless you already have it at your mill, or maybe a mill closeby, you don’t get the opportuntiy to see the impact of automating paper testing and its efficiency gains. It really is wonderful to get to demonstrate this and other solutions directly at our customer’s doorstop. In total, we managed to reach eight Swedish mills within nine days – an achievement made even better thanks to high turnouts from our customers.

The concept of the truck is really innovative and on trend for the market – it contains full-scale, working solutions that customers can interact with, gaining insight in how ABB can help mills optimize their operations by making use of their collected data.

On the tour we can take our solutions right to the doorstep of our customers. This time we visited pulp and paper mills from north of Stockholm to the south of Sweden: Arctic Paper Grycksbo, BillerudKorsnäs Gävle, BillerudKorsnäs Frövi, Nordic Paper Bäckhammar, Stora Enso Skoghall, BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Jönköping and Stora Enso Nymölla.

Some of the solutions on display were our solutions for process measurements; and a fully operational Extended Operator Workplace (EOW) that is used to control the entire integrated package on display. In this video, you can get a virtual tour of the truck through our colleague Arsam Sahba, Global Product Manager for Digital Testing Solutions.

Would you like for us to stop by your mill next time? Or would like to learn more about the tour itself, please get in touch with our team here.

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Lweendo Ahnlund

Lweendo Ahnlund is Account Manager for pulp and paper in Sweden. Lweendo joined ABB in 2013 and she has several years of experience in the process industry. During her career she has held various positions in R&D, Business Development, and sales management.
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