Building on a solid data base: Building Information Modeling

Data you can trust

As an architect, MEP engineer, contractor or anyone else involved in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, you know that Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a brilliant tool. It increases efficiency, drives down cost and saves time throughout the whole lifecycle, even at the electrical installation phase. However, without well-structured and verified data, any BIM project risks a severe reduction of its true potential. That’s why all ABB Electrification BIM data is verified by our experts before we put it to use.

Data structure

Our aim is to make your use of BIM easier. Therefore, ABB Electrification BIM files embed metadata and parameters that are based on known customer requirements. We strive to keep our data structure light and easy to manage, and just as importantly, easy to understand.

Our portfolio is available in multiple formats allowing users to access information modeling without hampering the native design.

If, for example, you are an MEP designer and you or your team want to know the exact specifications for one of our products, including their geometry, we have ensured the data you receive is simple to extract and work with. Every time you download a BIM object, you receive easy access to the data associated with the object through BIM authoring software. Such data could relate to geometry, accessories, degree of protection, rated current, compliance with standards, materials and more giving you access to everything needed at each phase in the buildings’ lifecycle. Plus, thanks to our wide physical portfolio, it’s easy to find the solution to match the exact specifications and requirements you need them to comply with.

Product-specific codes

This benefit also applies to those working in construction teams, charged with procurement. We provide you with a bill of materials denoting the codes for products you might need – it takes no time to get the information you need to create your bill of materials and place orders. Distributors and developers can rely on our BIM data for their business development, as it allows you to plan with and procure our solutions quickly and easily, saving money and time.

Our plugins for Revit enable you to easily design, manage and configure complete sets of wiring accessories. They are available for download here. This means you can make extremely well-informed decisions of which products to choose and rest easy in the knowledge that they are guaranteed by our compliance with market requirements. This is of particular importance as we’ve seen countless issues with data harmonization. The lack of consistency and conformity which has long been the bane of manufacturer-supplied information can often hinder progress when it comes to electricals. We make sure that the various and constantly evolving standards don’t stand in your way by continuously updating and verifying our data input.

A wide portfolio and customized solutions

We offer a growing portfolio which supports you in designing your electrical BIM solutions, covering everything from medium voltage systems (MV) to the final switches and sockets. Whatever your need, we’ll have a matching solution – our many years of experience in the sector and famously close cooperation with our customers makes it possible for us to design for the market, for you. Real solutions for real people.

Watch our MV BIM video to learn more about its uses and what data can be embedded.

We also provide customized solutions for various scenarios or should there be incompatibility of BIM information, simply contact our experts to request your individual BIM solution.

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Matteo is the Engineering Consultants Channel Manager. He is based in Milan, Italy. Having joined ABB in 2009, Matteo has held several roles across production lines in manufacturing factory, engineering and marketing &sales. For the last four years, he has been involved in the ABB Electrification BIM Program taking care of the marketing strategy, managing the BIM solution development processes and actively supporting the ABB Local Sales Organizations on satisfying Customers’ requirements.
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