How to kickstart your mine’s digital journey with ABB

Digital technologies are altering the landscape of nearly every global industry, making it easier for us to conduct operations in some of the most extreme conditions.

Intelligent solutions have the potential to alleviate many of the risks associated with the mining industry as well.

At ABB, we hope to make a real difference to our customers in mining by utilizing big data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other new-age digital, automation and electrification technologies. As part of mining companies’ strategies, these solutions can increase the safety of operations and significantly reduce carbon emissions while improving overall productivity and efficiency.

The way forward is through early involvement with mining companies, where we work hand-in-hand with our customers to envision and develop tailormade digital strategies that will help to facilitate modernization and autonomous operations.

Evaluating your digital status

At the outset, ABB will conduct value workshops to understand customers’ business priorities and challenges, giving them an idea of how our digital portfolio of ABB Ability™ solutions for mining can transform the entire value chain. Through online assessments, onsite surveys and in-person or remote interviews, our clients can examine and evaluate their existing methodologies as well as digital and IT/OT capabilities.

Drawing on the expertise of ABB’s engineers and our customers’ know-how, our workshops are agile and interactive, allowing us to co-create new, user-friendly software interfaces. ABB places a high value on customizing our digital solutions to suit both open-pit and underground mining. Smart and connected technologies will help ABB’s mining customers to boost operational excellence, energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Facilitating digital transformation

ABB’s Industry 4.0 solutions for mining, such as ABB Ability™ MineOptimize and ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite  can be configured per each customer’s unique requirements. Our recently launched ABB Ability™ Genix Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite will drive higher productivity and return on assets as well as improve performance and reliability.

Another smart solution is the ABB Ability™ eMine Trolley System for mining haul trucks, which is driving sustainable operations and helping our customers to lower carbon emissions and increase productivity. The solution can also be connected to ABB Ability™ System 800xA control system to enable monitoring of trolley operations and energy consumption digitally without the need for manual intervention. The digital substation maximizes availability and safety while significantly reducing costs.

ABB’s trolley solution draws on the recently launched ABB Ability™ eMine, a portfolio of electrification solutions that will help accelerate the move towards a zero-carbon mine. It comprises of a purposeful approach, method and electrification technologies which makes the all-electric mine possible from mine to port and is integrated with digital applications and services to monitor and optimize energy usage. It can electrify any mining equipment across hoisting, grinding, hauling and material handling.

ABB is harnessing the power of the latest digital technologies to help build the mine of the future. We can help you to create a digital roadmap to connect you with innovative, intelligent and integrated digital solutions to drive key business outcomes.

Learn more about digital transformation in mining industryDownload the white paper ‘Building the all-electric mine’ to take a deep dive into the practicalities of electrifying mobile mining equipment.

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