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The big theme at this year’s World Statistics Day 2021 is data ownership, or “connecting the world with data we can trust.” But how can you ensure operational data is safe, smart and sustainable?

Establishing a Data Mindset

I always say, the first thing we need to acknowledge is the untapped power that lies in data. Data alone is merely raw material – it’s the insights you unlock that create more efficient and sustainable operations.

The changing landscape of data management and security can be a complex and challenging landscape for operational managers — but with a trusted partner, you can navigate it with ease. So, what should you look for in a data partner?

Simplifying complexity

A good data partner will bring clarity and transparency to both sides of data security– challenges and solutions. It’s especially important that you know exactly which data will be collected, and that you can trust that only relevant information will be extracted. Data partners should clearly lay out why specific data is necessary, security measures taken to protect it, and what will be done with your data if you stop working with them.

For operators navigating compliance and regulatory demands, data sovereignty is a top priority. Whether a facility’s data is stored on site, in the cloud, or processed using an edge device, it is paramount that business data is protected according to the relevant jurisdictional privacy regulations.

Cloud Security

Utilizing data means having it readily accessible for the people who need it most. Cloud storage is indispensable in maximizing the benefits of data analysis by allowing connectivity and access from any device, anywhere, any time.

Securing cloud data storage and transfer is of course critical, and not all data needs to be sent to the cloud. An experienced data partner will identify the data which benefits from cloud analysis, recommending the right balance between cloud-connected devices with built-in safety protocols and edge devices that encrypt and streamline information on-site.


Unlocking your site’s potential means interpreting the huge volumes of data your site generates every day. Many facilities work with multiple partners and providers. Each provider should offer a flexible solution that allows you to choose which platform uses which data, while offering secure and seamless interoperability between platforms.

Sustainable data

Research shows that data centers will account for 14% of the globe’s total carbon emissions by 2025. With sustainability now forming a key part of any operational strategy, it’s important that data management is included.

Data partners like Microsoft, which has committed to becoming climate-negative (removing more carbon than is produced) by 2030, will support you to offset the carbon footprint of your data.

Moving forward with confidence

Data ownership and security are complex topics, but creating a secure response needn’t be. When you can trust your data, you can truly harness it to optimize performance, minimize costs and reduce consumption in your operations.

I am proud of ABB’s commitment to net zero emissions, of our Digital Bill of Rights, and of our partnership with Microsoft. Together, we are bringing data management, security, and sustainability to industrial operations around the world. If you would like more information, at any point in your data journey, please get in touch.

Read the new Microsoft-ABB whitepaper – A Solution for 360-Degree Industrial Internet Security:

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