Sharper energy management makes organizations more competitive and sustainable

Resilient market leaders are making economic and environmental performance core to their strategies. Energy management ranks high among their priorities

Every market has companies that seem to pull ahead when others are pulling back. Speaking with customers around the world, ABB often encounters organizations pursuing a more advanced level of resilience and leadership in their chosen fields. Energy management ranks high among their digitization priorities: reducing their OpEX while achieving sustainability targets is a common goal for these organizations.

Looking ahead, they see potential for climate change to cause future economic disruption – and for the regulatory landscape to change more quickly. With governments shouldering more risk, policymakers are likely to pursue more ambitious sustainability strategies.

Changing energy requirements

That’s why many leaders decided early on to make economic and environmental performance core to their strategy. With near-zero interest rates for the foreseeable future, the time is right to make transformative investments. Sharper energy management is often at the heart of plans to secure future competitiveness.

The energy management needs of organizations large and small are changing faster than ever. More teleworking and digital meetings are reducing energy demand and emissions in many commercial buildings, while operations are becoming smarter and require more pro-active support and more active risk management.

Some will find it challenging to balance sustainability objectives with earnings recovery. In some cases, more volatile energy costs may also work against sustainability objectives, changing financial models. A new era of energy management is here.

Energy management sharpened

Optimization is at the heart of every organization’s strategy: to ensure short-term performance and to improve resilience in the long run. Leaders are leveraging digital and analytics-driven productivity improvements, making their energy infrastructure more intelligent and taking a comprehensive look at their resource allocation.

Optimization means doing the basics brilliantly. Sharper energy management gives organizations the tools they need to check and analyze the energy bill, to compare processes and consumption across multiple sites, to track load profiles and so pick up equipment faults earlier, and to ensure power quality provides the right conditions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

By doing this, the energy-saving opportunities specific to each organization become clear. For some, savings of up to 30% will be possible. And, just as important, leaders will have a clear grasp of their resource allocation and costs.

Integrated decision making

Leaders recognize that they must continue to deploy integrated thinking and planning to ensure future competitiveness. Digital transformation and energy management are key tools in this.

Organizations are thinking differently about their assets. They are exploring new business and servicing models that reduce OpEX, unlock balance sheets and provide on-demand access to deeper technical expertise.

ABB is working with companies across every sector to make their energy management sharper, to make integration of energy data into decision making simpler and to introduce new business models that reduce capital investments and leverage our digital expertise. Our white paper, “The new era of energy management”, explores these issues further. To discuss how we can support your business moving forward, get in touch.

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