Making the switch to digital switchgear leads to cost savings

Switching to digital allows you to collect, access, analyze and act on the data your equipment and infrastructure creates, helping you achieve cost savings of up to 30 percent.

Operation and maintenance managers have a responsibility to keep their electrical systems up and running 24/7 and at the same time keep control of the costs. Switchgear digitalization and digital switchgear solutions are transforming the way they can achieve this.

Digital switchgear can help overcome the hidden costs of traditional switchgear by improving the ability to collect, access, analyze and act on the data your equipment and infrastructure creates, helping you achieve cost savings of up to 30 percent.

The global switchgear market was worth more than $120 billion last year and is expected to grow further, according to market research firm Global Market Insights1. With the need to adapt to the ongoing digital transformation and demands for remote access to information, it becomes more important to invest in sustainable and efficient technologies and make the switch to smart and connected devices and digital switchgear.

There is an underlying perception that smart devices and digital switchgear have more complexity and lower reliability. However, the right set-up of smart devices and connectivity can instantly eliminate those concerns.

Digital switchgear minimizes or even eliminates the need to shutdown switchgear, enabling plant operators to focus on continuity of plant production and mission-critical operations. Smart devices can collect a colossal amount of data, which can be processed and analyzed to enable not only continuous monitoring of the switchgear and performance trends, but also help to define the correct maintenance procedures at the right time. Inspection and maintenance intervals can be extended by 30 percent, allowing operators to optimize their maintenance schedules and lower the associated costs.

Making the switch to digital switchgear does not mean you must replace an already installed switchgear. Smart, safe and flexible solutions can also be achieved utilizing already installed technology in a smarter way, adding the technology which is needed to enable you to collect and analyze data and gain insights in real time on how the electrical system is truly performing and when and where maintenance is required.

For any industry, efficient use of available budgets and reducing downtime are among the top priorities. Digital switchgear leverages advanced technologies to help operators achieve that, which in turn leads to higher productivity. All of this points to one fact: there has never been a better time than now to make the switch to digital.

If you would like to learn more and get a checklist for a successful digital switchgear transformation journey, I encourage you to read our white paper, “Making the switch to digital switchgear”.

1 Report by Global Market Insights

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