5 reasons why you will love your smart home

Smart homes are designed to make your life simpler, safer, energy-efficient and more convenient.

In today’s fast-paced world, almost everything we do is touched by technology. From smartphones built with hundreds of functionalities to intelligent kitchen appliances that cook delicious food automatically, technological advancements have brought control to our fingertips.

This includes the ability to control various aspects of the house we live in. Imagine if you could control the lights, blinds, heating and doors precisely to your preferences at the touch of an app on your smartphone. Yes, it really is that simple.

There are many reasons to love a smart home. Firstly, it makes life so much more convenient. If you have invited friends over to watch a movie together, a tap on your screen will dim the lights to create the perfect setting. On sunny days in the summer, the system can lower your blinds to keep the house cool. And in case you can’t locate your smartphone, just say the word to Alexa and experience the atmosphere changing to match your mood.

Secondly, a smart home is a custom lifestyle experience, tailored just for you. You can program home speakers to start playing your favorite music when you wake up to get you up and going. You can program the blinds to go up automatically at a certain time, set the heating just right in the winter or get your coffee machine to grind and brew a fresh cup in the morning, so that its waiting for you when you enter the kitchen. Perfect start to the day!

Third, smart homes automatically switch off all lights and devices and lowers the home temperature when you leave. This makes your home more energy efficient. And you are still connected. For example, if you have a visitor or delivery person, your door system will alert you via the smartphone app wherever you are, and you can communicate with them. If your neighbor arrives asking if can borrow a watering hose, while you are miles away, you can tell him how to find it in the garden via the call feature in your smart doorbell.

Smart homes are also safer thanks to motion detectors connected to the system, which will set off an alarm if somebody comes too close to the house. At the same time, the smart sensors ensure that you don’t get woken up with false alarms such as the neighbor’s cat walking by.

And finally, smart homes help you be a more responsible citizen. By turning off unattended appliances and devices that we might sometimes forget to turn off when leaving the house, you are contributing to a greener environment. By automatically shifting the blinds according to the status of the sun, your home’s internal temperature is always optimized for staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It’s easy to give your home a smart facelift. Just follow these steps to plan the functionalities that you need with this easy-to-use tool – the Smart Home configurator – listed here by country. Building your dream smart home is just a few clicks away!

Germany: Smart Home Konfigurator

Netherlands: Smart Home Configurator

As a second step, please get in touch with your nearest electrical installer to discuss your favorite applications and get some insider tips from a professional.

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