Responding to a new reality

As we entered 2020 only three months ago, who could have thought that the world would look like this today?

Our new reality feels a bit like living in a science fiction movie and poses unprecedented challenges for all of us.

These extraordinary times demonstrate the importance of resilience in all domains, and being able to respond quickly to unforeseen situations in order to safeguard what is essential and maintain critical operations.

We must learn from these times.

Managing the unknown must become an essential element of future infrastructure. Digitalization and data analytics are key to addressing this need. They enable us to be more resilient and deliver the means to support and maintain operations remotely. They also allow us better insights into the integrity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of operations.

We’re supporting critical industries with free digital solutions to help maintain essential operations through this challenging time. From remote monitoring and diagnostics for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for healthcare applications, to energy management solutions for utilities, commercial and industrial facilities, ABB Electrification is providing free tools for 12 months which address critical infrastructure needs.

Providing greater operational support and savings has never been more vital, and we are here to support. More detail on how to take up the offer can be found here.

Digitalization and data analytics also play a pivotal role in ABB Electrification’s Mission to Zero, which provides inspiration and practical measures to stimulate, demonstrate and accelerate the adoption of products, solutions and services tackling climate change.

For example, ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System is a smart tool that enables businesses to identify inefficiency by monitoring power use, predict fluctuations in energy consumption, and eliminate waste and use less energy.

Finding the right solution to puzzles is something my team work on every day. We are dedicated to discovering ways to help business, organizations and society use less energy and cleaner energy. These are the two pillars of our Mission to Zero, which continues to be an important commitment this year.

Throughout 2020, we will continue to focus on supporting and delivering for our customers and society as we all navigate through challenging times.

Making better use of data intelligence will allow us all to ensure we are focused on being more efficient, eliminate waste, make informed decisions and do the right thing.

We are here to help business find the right way to better prepare for the uncertainties of the future.

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Amina Hamidi

Amina Hamidi joined ABB in 1998 as a Research Scientist and Project Manager and has held a number of positions with increasing responsibility both in R&D and on the business side up until August 2017, when she was appointed Chief Technology Officer for the Electrification business of ABB. Since 2022 she is leading the Instrumentation Business Line within the Measurement & Analytics Division, supporting customers worldwide to make some of the toughest and fundamental measurement challenges easy and helping them to achieve safer and more productive operations. Using our high-tech measurement instruments enables them to achieve better energy efficiency, reduce their emissions, preserve precious resources and improve their operations - for more sustainable industries and a more sustainable world. She has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the French National Research Institute for Transportation Systems (INRETS).
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