For researchers in leading technologies, ABB is the place to be

ABB is the destination of choice for graduates who want the experience of a global organization and want to actively shape the world’s digital future

ABB technologies are transforming how businesses collaborate, make decisions and serve their customers. Groundbreaking platforms like ABB Ability™ and AI-powered robots like YuMi® highlight the remarkable capacity for innovation in a company more than 130 years old.

The secret of ABB’s enduring success is its high quality of talent, which brings with it new ideas and a fresh outlook. A recent survey by Future Research magazine showed that ABB is among the most popular workplaces among Swedish researchers working on cutting-edge technologies. About 600 researchers in Sweden took part in the survey.

ABB is also the number one choice of engineering students in Switzerland, according to Universum’s Swiss Student Research. ABB has consolidated its lead over Google and other competitors in 2018 and has also moved up 14 places to 20th, as the preferred employer for IT students.

These results are proof that ABB is an attractive destination for smart researchers, including young millennials graduating from universities.

Technology and innovation play a crucial role for ABB. The company employs 8,500 researchers, has seven corporate research centers worldwide, and over 100 university collaborations. Together, they work to develop unique technologies that enhance customer competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

ABB is the destination of choice for university graduates who prefer to work in a truly global company and actively shape the digital future. At ABB, they work in an innovative and flexible environment on sustainable cutting-edge technologies and actively help write the future of digitalization that ABB is driving with its partners, customers and employees.

Researchers at ABB have the opportunity to work on leading technologies that will power Smart Cities of the future and usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ABB Ability-powered smart robots are making workplaces more productive and safer, and making it possible to predict and fix problems before any damage happens. Such solutions are also helping nations develop smart cities and improve their governance, by reducing inefficiencies and better targeting of federal welfare programs.

ABB’s global reach and commitment to innovation means that researchers can have a bigger impact, contribute to higher customer satisfaction and a better life for communities where the company is present.

Apart from working on latest technologies, researchers also get the chance to test them through wide use within various businesses of ABB. They have considerable opportunities to translate their work into products. Several ABB researchers are also adjunct professors at universities, which serves to attract more talent.

ABB’s culture of innovation and adaptability to change are also important elements of its appeal for researchers. The company’s presence within universities helps it maintain a good understanding of what target recruits are looking for in their jobs. ABB has actively engaged in university marketing with activities such as sponsorship of the 125th anniversary of the Academic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Association (AMIV) at the Swiss university, ETH. The company has continued to expand its trainee program and is investing specifically in the long-term retention of young talent.

ABB is also an attractive destination because of its commitment to diversity, considered essential to the success of the company. ABB has an inclusive culture and has invested in raising awareness about diversity within the organization.

Given that ABB offers a great environment and culture for fostering innovation and has partnerships with leading universities around the world, it will continue to be among the most attractive destinations for talented young graduates interested in doing cutting-edge work in the future.

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Bazmi Husain

Mr. Husain was appointed Chief Technology Officer in January 2016, after four years as Managing Director of ABB in India. From 2009 to 2011, he was head of ABB’s Smart Grid industry segment initiative, where he was instrumental in pioneering agreements with partners such as General Motors and Deutsche Telekom, which have helped make ABB a leading name in smart grid solutions. From 2005-2009, he was director of ABB’s Corporate Research Center in Västerås, Sweden. He has held senior management positions in research and development, service, strategy and business operations around the world. Mr. Husain joined ABB in 1981 and is an Indian citizen.
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