ABB showcases state-of-the-art solutions with a cutting-edge visual touch

A racing simulator and augmented reality tours are just two of the interactive presentations of ABB's pioneering technology at the Hanover Fair.

Visitors to the ABB booth at the Hanover Fair can see an actual track-used race car from the ABB FIA Formula E Championship—the world’s first all-electric racing series, for which ABB is now the title sponsor—and they’ll also be able to take a virtual test drive for themselves on racing simulators equipped with augmented-reality goggles.

But that’s not all: Electric vehicle enthusiasts can check out the Formula E safety car, a BMW i8 that’s situated right next to the ABB Terra HP fast charger, which can add 200 kilometers of range to an e-car in only eight minutes.

Just as ABB’s e-vehicle innovations aren’t limited to automobiles, neither are the cool visual tools it’s making available to attendees this week. For example, a heavy electric bus rolls across the massive Hall 11 of the Hannover Messe, makes a quick stop at the ABB booth where it recharges its batteries in just 20 seconds via ABB’s flash-charging system, and then continues along its route.

Well, not precisely. The e-bus is actually “running” on iPads, which ABB team members can show to all who come to the booth. Indeed, the augmented reality ride is so realistic that more than a few who’ve seen the demo take an involuntary quick step back to get out of the way when they see the bus starting up again.

Such an appealing presentation provides an entree to discussing numerous other ABB products and solutions on display. Leading that list are the more than 210 solutions comprising ABB AbilityTM, the cross-industry digital-enabled portfolio of solutions and services.

Many of the large video screens showcasing ABB products throughout the booth are interactive. For example, visitors can see how a product performs as they change parameters until an optimal configuration is found.

It’s a two-way storytelling benefit, allowing ABB to more effectively showcase how products and solutions actually work in the real world, and visitors—especially prospective customers—getting to “see” the performace for themselves.

What takes the cake might be a virtual demo, where visitors can pick up a joystick and try to navigate an elephant through a factory of the future without breaking anything.

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