YuMi robot educates and entertains adults and children alike at a science festival in the Czech Republic

How YuMi gave away 300 lollipops and put 150 stamps on envelopes at the fourth science festival in Brno, Czech Republic

Nearly 3,500 visitors attended the fourth science festival, held by Brno Observatory and Planetarium last September in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. The aim? To prove that science can be entertaining, understandable and interesting to both adults and children.

The festival program was very varied with many of Brno’s attending science institutions demonstrations capturing hearts and minds: Brno’s University of Technology teased the taste buds of visitors with by making syrup balls, the University of Defence ran a pyrotechnics demonstration, visitors to the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences’s booth could view X-ray photos of animals. Nearly everyone wanted to try the gold-washing experience run by Masaryk University’s geologists and the magnetic plasticine production run by the Vida! Center for children.

ABB, the festival’s main partner, brought its collaborative robot YuMi, who showed onlooking children its dexterity by stamping and addressing a postcard, of which 150 were mailed. But perhaps YuMi’s most popular task was to give away lollipops. More than one little visitor left in hope to have a robot like this at home.



Besides YuMi, ABB showcased its Collaboration Table and 3D puzzle. The Collaboration Table helped children to explore painting by using a touchscreen with their fingers. The puzzle was very successful as well, with the task being to fold the puzzle as fast as possible. Three 13-year-old boys completed it in the winning time of 5 minutes, 50 seconds.

ABB representatives at the booth commented, “Children were so excited about the puzzle, many parents even asked us, if it is possible to buy it. It was also wonderful to see colleagues explaining enthusiastically to their children how the folding puzzle and the switchboard works.”

The science festival was successful in all its aspects. Jiri Dusek, director of Brno Observatory and Planetarium and general manager of the event, summed it up nicely, “Together, we used 20 liters of vinegar, produced 150 models of the sun and 350 coins as well as precipitated 20 grams of silver. But above all, together we demonstrated how important and entertaining the science is. The excitement on the faces of children and adults is proof of this all making sense. And maybe we managed to set alight the flame of enthusiasm for science in some little souls, and maybe one day this small flame will turn into a big fire of discoveries and inventions.”

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