Without cyber security the “Internet of Everything” is nothing

Security is usually mentioned as an important function, but it is inseparable from the very core of the IoT concept

Delivering on the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is often described as a matter of connectivity, as collecting and sharing more data. In doing so more broadly and often it will yield better, if not novel insights.

Security is usually mentioned as an important function, but it is inseparable from the very core of the IoT concept; without it, a network of everything amounts to nothing at all.

I say this based on ABB’s unique and vast experience in electrical generation, transmission and distribution, which it has pioneered for over one hundred years. A utility grid is an interesting model to consider as in many ways it is an “internet of electricity”. If you substitute “data” for ampere of current — and both are measures of the power, or ability to get something done — the parallels become even clearer.

Like data, electricity has to be collected, processed into something that can be distributed, and then shared in a way that is useful, and analyzed in order to prevent failures that could cause power outages. Enabling such networks has required significant, as well as continued technological innovation.

Safety and reliability are key components of any electrical project. Electricity can be dangerous if improperly handled or in case of a system failure. It also needs to work consistently if homes and businesses depend on it. So safeguarding the grid is synonymous with enabling it, and ABB is at the forefront of it.

It is the same with data.

We see cyber security as a fundamental quality of every project, whether as a supplier of world-class equipment or as a partner in building intelligent, automated systems. We also recommend a multiple-step strategic approach to physical security and resilience for critical grid and generation components that allows for an assessment, hardening, monitoring and then rapid repair and replacement, if needed.

It is how we make sure that the promise of “everything” turns into something secure, reliable, and profitable for our customers. For in-depth information about our offerings please go to http://new.abb.com/about/technology/cyber-security.

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I am the Head of Strategic Product and Innovation communications at ABB. Previously, I worked in various communication positions at Siemens and Infineon Technologies.
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