Simplifying the process

How eHouses and Packaging can help your electrification projects run more smoothly

Have you ever received incomplete deliveries across multiple suppliers? Experienced lack of compatibility between products that need to work together or had difficulty controlling the change management process between multiple vendors?

Any of the above factors experienced during project execution can lead to schedule delay, increased costs and unnecessary complication.

Whether it’s these issues or the resource to technically and commercially manage multiple supplier agreements with multiple vendors, the level of customer risk exposure begins to escalate.

To address this ABB has solutions to accommodate a variety of needs. Whether its project managed product packages or an integrated eHouse solution, ABB has the expertise to help.


eHouse and Packaging solutions

To support customers, ABB’s Modular Systems team provides a number of services. These include design and integration, project management, equipment selection, design and manufacturing, equipment installation, logistics, quality assurance, testing, and pre-commissioning.

The main advantages when adopting this kind of model include;

  • Predictable delivery and cost schedule – As majority of works is performed off site in a controlled ABB environment (eHouse solutions), client is insulated from local labor shortages, environmental & industrial relations factors. For product package solutions, ABB is responsible for pre-agreed product delivery for designated scope in entirety.
  • Schedule improvement and energization time – Performing extended scope off site, undertaking integration level FAT or interface engineering between products, can all contribute to reduced project schedule and improved start up time.
  • Risk mitigation – transfer of risk from client to ABB for coordinating delivery and design interface of all elements in the package and global product selection experience for ABB and third party products. This also extends to change management, where technical change has knock on effect to multiple product elements in the scope of supply.
  • Reduced client resources – ABB being responsible for scope of works described above, reduces client manpower to engineer and manage the project
  • Simplified commercial agreement – Single contract for the entire package, reducing requirements for multiple commercial agreements
  • Single project manager – Single point of contact to execute the project package
  • Equipment longevity and warranty – Equipment stored & protected by ABB during execution to extend lifetime and make maintenance much simpler. Product warranties commence when the E-House is completed, not when loose products delivered. For product packages, warranties are harmonized across the scope of supply



Now let’s consider potential scenarios.

Recently, South African customer SASOL identified the need for a robust substation solution from a single vendor to support ongoing site upgrade activities. To meet the requirements, ABB offered a mobile eHouse substation, including UniGear Digital switchgear with Relion protection relays. This provided the flexible power supply solution Sasol was looking for, allowing transfer power around the facility when permanent substations were in shutdown, but with the ability to be easily relocated and re-energized in a short turnaround time.

Another example comes from the Philippines, where there are high energy demands. Because of limited domestic energy supply, the government heavily invested in solar energy and proposed an aggressive schedule. ABB was able to support the 63 MW Calatagan Solar Farm project, by designing and supplying pre-engineered & tested skid solutions. This enabled ABB to meet the tight schedule constraints while satisfying the technical requirements of the application.


Quality and operational excellence

While making the process easier is important, focus must also be maintained on quality and operational excellence. With ongoing production improvements, lower integration costs and engineering efficiencies, ABB’s main drivers are safety & successful project execution.

So no matter the complexity, the Modular Systems team can provide customers access to the greater ABB portfolio through a single entry point, which delivers multiple product elements on time, that also work together.

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