Pre-engineering and online tools reduce delivery times for high voltage motors

Even in the world of high voltage motors, a highly customized motor is not always needed. When is a pre-engineered general purpose motor the best option?

Finding new ways to enable customers to buy high quality general purpose products quickly and efficiently is a big trend across many areas of business at the moment. In the foodservice industry, for example, high quality street food has become really popular. It’s a very efficient, no-nonsense experience – you can drop in, order from the choices on the blackboard and get your meal in just a few minutes. You don’t get starched tablecloths or silverware, but you do get great food and you get it fast.

Our recently launched N-series motors and online systems will make it just as easy for customers to buy general purpose motors.

In some applications, a high voltage motor has to fulfill very specific requirements. A good example is a motor that powers a gas compressor. This type of motor usually has to comply with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, have a marine certificate for offshore and fulfill the requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres.

In most industries, however, for many applications it’s enough to have a reliable and efficient motor that will simply keep things up and running – pumps and fans being the most typical examples.

Our N-series general purpose motors use standardized, pre-engineered designs to keep delivery times short and costs down. In our design process we focused on industries like water and power, and applications like pumps and fans, but the motors will meet the most common requirements across a range of industries.

These motors are pre-engineered on the basis of the features, options and accessories that customers need most often. This means that the designs are ready and pre-packaged, so when we receive an order we can fast-track the engineering process. As a result we can keep costs in check and get the motor to the customer much faster than has been possible previously.

Another benefit of pre-engineering is that we are now able to provide online tools to configure the motors, manage orders and handle documentation. These tools make the motors easier to buy, and also streamline the order-to-delivery process. Use of the tools is open to qualified customers.

The N-series motors meet most general needs in their basic configuration, but you can also get a number of pre-engineered options and accessories to satisfy certain special requirements. Customers in the water industry, for example, often need vertical motors with thrust bearings, and so this configuration is available as an option. All the options and accessories are pre-validated, so they can be ordered without increasing the delivery time.

Pre-engineering has made it possible to achieve cost-efficiency and short delivery times without having to compromise on the motors’ reliability, efficiency and safety. And – as with all ABB products – the N-series motors are also supported by our global service network.

You can learn more about the new N-series general purpose motors here.

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