Do you have questions about power semiconductors and their applications?

Find out more by visiting our new online community at ASK!

ABB is often approached for specific questions regarding our power semiconductors and their applications. Until recently, these questions have been received by our general customer support, either as phone calls or emails.

But what if we shared the outcome of our discussions on a publicly available platform instead of one-to-one conversations? An open platform means that people can see and share answers to questions with the whole online community. It allows customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to have direct contact with our experts to address any questions. And, even better, people can share our passion for semiconductor technology on a public space.

You can already find answers to the most frequently asked questions on ABB’s power semiconductors on the site. Now, it’s your turn: just ASK your question!

ABB’s semiconductor business started out more than 100 years ago with the production of mercury-arc rectifiers in Switzerland. Over the past 60 years, ABB has played a pivotal part in the development of power semiconductors and their applications.


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As PG Communications Manager for Semiconductors, I'm always excited to share our knowledge with the community. I've started at ABB with the Swiss trainee program and studied materials engineering. Outside of working hours, I enjoy the outdoors and love to travel.
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