Drive services in a digital world

ABB remote digital service centers are set to transform industrial productivity in the era of the fourth industrial revolution

A critical aspect of every product bought and sold in today’s industrial market is the after sale service. Especially in today’s highly competitive environment the significance of aftermarket services, especially for customer retention and building customer loyalty, is huge.

Initially building on our customer-first approach offering product services and support, ABB moved from reactive services to proactive collaboration with customers to improve product lifetime and ensure cost-savings.

As a leading supplier of medium-voltage and low-voltage drives, as well as being a digital leader, ABB has developed remote digital service centers to provide 24×7 access to information and support on drives installed at customer facilities.  This predictive maintenance and condition monitoring is available for applications in all industries including power, cement, oil and gas, metals, and food & beverage.

Today the newest global remote digital service center for energy saving drives was opened in Bengaluru, India. This new one is the third such ABB center worldwide and the first in India. It will support customer installations not only in the country but also around the world.  Information from ABB’s intelligent drives provide the earliest possible indication of potential operational problems faster, helping operators to minimize costly breakdowns.

In many industrial applications, such as pumps or fans which are powered by a drive/motor combination, it is the drive that actually controls the operation. Even in larger systems, where an automation system or PLC is controlling the drive, it can provide important indicators about the operation of the motor and the application. With nearly 30 percent of the world’s electrical energy consumed by industrial motors, drives controlling the speed of the motors are a key component of enabling energy efficiency and improving productivity. Quickly identifying potential problems leads to increased uptime of customer assets and ultimately savings in operational costs.

Having an ABB remote digital center gather drive performance data remotely and automatically, automatically sending alert notifications with an ABB expert constantly available is indeed the ultimate after sale service.



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