Engineers save the world

Through improvements in energy efficiency, global fossil fuel consumption for power generation could be reduced by up to 30 percent.

Global warming is the most significant challenge we face, so we need to act fast. To inhibit the growing energy demand, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has long stressed two factors: the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption growth and the link between the growth of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

“Off the shelf” medicines to break these linkages are available already. Energy, be it electricity or fuel, must be used smartly. This means energy efficiency. At the same time, existing technologies enable the utilization of renewable energy sources that do not emit any greenhouse gases. Sounds simple, right?

This is where engineers enter the picture, whose innovations make a sustainable world possible. As part of a healthy market competition engineers will continue to develop higher efficiency motors and more intelligent variable speed drives. The hard engineering work enables our customers to save 490TWh of energy per year with ABB variable speed drives – savings equivalent to more than six times of the annual electrical energy consumption in Finland. This is in itself a large number, and the good news doesn’t stop there: almost 70 percent of the world’s motors are still waiting for an energy-efficient solution. There is enough work to go around for engineers, for sure.

The most important aspect of my own work is the ethical side. IEA’s World Energy Outlook takes a strong stand on the link between energy efficiency and living standards. Up to 1.3 billion people in the world live without electricity and 2.6 billion without the possibility of hygienic food preparation. Energy efficiency measures enable affordable access to electricity thus giving raising living standards. There certainly is enough work to be done, even after my retirement.


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  • Henk

    Ha ha you are talking about your retirement young boy ,I know when you are going to do this
    the time of thinking from all things you know and where you think why is this like this
    you like to look in to it only to know and maybe you will find a solution to a question because
    you have the time to do this .
    For the rest I do agree with the topic but something you don't know we can lower the energy
    consumption from power plants with 50 % now all ready .
    If we take the energy from 1 M3 gas a 65 cents this having the same energy like 10 KWh
    electricity a 20 cents a KWh so 200 cents .
    In terms of efficiency gas can be 80 % and electricity 100 % so in cost electricity will be 160 cents
    to gas , but if we use them electricity is clean and gas is not clean .
    Now I know we can bring down the cost for 10 KWh 160 cents compared to 65 cents 1 M3 gas
    to 35 cents for 10 KWh and 65 cents 1 M3 gas .
    And you will find out this before you are retired .
    Regards , Henk

    • Jukka Tolvanen

      Hi Henk, thank you for your comments. Let me start with efficiency - good to hear there are ways to boost efficiencty in power plants. I am looking the world with eyes of electrical engineer and motors and drives are close to my heart. There we have also a lot of options to boost efficieny and help our custoemrs. Prices, you have listed those a lot, do vary country by country, it is a bit difficult to give general figures. Energy taxes do the same.
      Take care, Jukka

      • Henk

        Hi Jukka ,
        Yes this happens many times misunderstanding , the efficiency is not at the
        power plant but it takes place at the factory so the benefit is for the customer .
        The calculation electricity to gas is only to show that we can do the same job
        electric where they using now gas an cheaper .
        Your interest for drives and motors are having a big part in this concept because
        the are most of the time the big energy users in a factory .
        The basic how it is working for a factory who is using 100 KWh 24 /7 of the time .
        3 Phase electricity going to the meter 3 x 230 volt from here to the fuse box
        from here it is going to my device here we change the voltage this voltage
        is going to a inverter he is making 3 x 230 volt from it again this makes a saving
        from 59 % from here it is going to a drive for a motor before the drive there is
        a other unit from me making the voltage higher again this have to go to the drive
        and now you will save a other 30 % electricity .
        There is only one problem your drive can not handle the voltage I am using but
        I think it would be very interesting for ABB to change this .
        Best regards , Henk

  • Rabindra Prasad Cfhauhan

    hi everyone
    pls someone guide me
    how to download drive studio(any version) for complete installation
    i found the same file on abb site but they are only updating version.

  • simone

    Engineers, but with the heart tuned on the future of the world :)

    • Jukka Tolvanen

      Dear Simone, thank you for your comment. Jukka