Driving change through digital transformation

Digital transformation has the job of solving real problems such as electricity for everyone

The word change played a central role in every presentation and discussion at the ABB Technology Forum on digital transformation. And for good reason — without enormous changes, the digital transformation will not succeed. The necessary changes affect technologies, innovations, processes, business models, attitudes, and behaviors. They impact manufacturing, economy, politics, society, and education. The digital transformation is driving change. And it is resulting in changes that have in some cases not been foreseen or cannot be foreseen and that are the topic of controversial discussions. Digital transformation will have an impact on the workforce and change the way certain jobs are being done today; it will change value chains and impact how companies respond to customer needs. These changes will not occur over night. Like the shift from full-service banks to do-it-all-yourself banks took many years, we are going to see gradual changes over time.

For this reason in particular, it is important to actively participate in the process of digital transformation. Businesses can and should actively shape the changes that are related to the digital transformation and support it with innovative products and solutions. The challenge is to recognize changes early enough and decide which ones are necessary and appropriate so that economic success and sustainable benefits can be achieved through digitization. To achieve this, close collaboration between research and development departments within businesses, universities, and research institutions is necessary. The changes involved in the digital transformation required large investments in research and development — to optimize processes, allow machines to work more efficiently and safely, and offer completely new products, services, and business models. The innovations and technologies of tomorrow require not only large investments, but also an intense examination of the world and society in which we wish to live.

Digital transformation doesn’t mean just Facebook and other social media, that would be a very limited view. The digital transformation has the job of solving real problems such as electricity for everyone, transportation everywhere, decreasing energy consumption, or stopping environmental pollution.

Let’s write the future.

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Reiner Schoenrock

I am the Head of Strategic Product and Innovation communications at ABB. Previously, I worked in various communication positions at Siemens and Infineon Technologies.
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