ABB Robotics milestone on film in China

Video highlights from an industrial fair the size of a small city!

For those fascinated with robotics, the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai is a great opportunity to see everything from the latest in industrial robots to drones!

Occupying the size of a small city at 260,000 square meters, CIIF is truly a sight to behold as one of the biggest industrial fairs on Earth. Attending the fair in November for the first time, while walking among the mainly Chinese visitors, I was impressed by the genuine enthusiasm on all things robotics and the tangible optimistic atmosphere that surrounded this rapidly growing industry.

The ever increasing interest in robotics was clearly visible in this year’s nearly 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world, competing loud and fiercely for the attention of some 120,000 trade visitors. Initially launched in 1999, this year marked the 18th annual CIIF exhibition with eight theme shows under one roof, including one dedicated to robotics.

Participating with ABB’s biggest booth so far at CIIF, ABB Robotics showcased a wide variety of innovative robot solutions under the theme of Collaboration, Simplification and Digitalization. Visitors were able to see and experience the big introductions of 2016, including the new high performance IRB 1660ID robot for arc welding and machine tending, ABB’s revolutionary safety solution SafeMove2 and Connected Services which unlock actionable intelligence from connected robots everywhere.

As a special event during CIIF, ABB announced an important milestone of having manufactured 50,000 robots in China, solidifying ABB’s position as the leading industrial robot manufacturer in China. The 50,000th industrial robot, an IRB 1200, was purchased by BYD Electronics, a world-leading provider of handset components and modules manufacturing and assembly services. The robot will be used at the consumer electronic giant’s plant in Huizhou in southern China for machining, polishing and assembly of mobile phones.

As a service for those of you who were not able to join us in Shanghai during CIIF, ABB decided, over a couple of hectic days, to capture the exhibition on film. We also took the liberty of listening to a few key ABB spokespersons on their impressions of the fair and how ABB with its innovative robot solutions and services can help contribute to the bright future and the vision of Made in China 2025.


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