Touch proof energy distribution in just three easy steps — with Smissline TP

Small causes, great effects

SMISSLINE TP is the first plug-in socket system in the world that allows devices under voltage to be plugged in and out of switchboards without difficulty and without additional personal protective equipment. This opens up a new world of flexibility for installation and operation.

Step 1: Installing the plug-in socket


First, assemble the base element of the socket (ZLS906 or ZLS908). This can be done in any order and with any number of the elements depending on planned purpose and needs. Almost any length can be achieved with the 6th and 8th socket elements


Having assembled the base element, the busbar can be easily installed without additional tools


Once the busbar has been installed, simply attach the upper part of the socket…


…and mount the socket end piece (ZLS920) to finish


Step 2: Mounting the components (safety devices and supply)


Then, the supply block and the safety devices can be attached in any order and with mixed polarity. Simply fasten the upper part inside the contact spacing with an angle of about 30° and then press the lower part onto the rail

Step 3: Incoming and outgoing wiring


While the device is mounted on the plug-in socket, it must be wired. The supply via the supply block or safety device is wired on to the incoming side


While the safety and switching device is wired on to the outgoing side


The job is complete

Smissline TP is a simple and fast, finger-safe, energy distribution system made ready for operation. And if a circuit breaker has been forgotten, or an upgrade should be made, then there are no problems even during operation. Simply attach the device, install the outgoing wiring and switch on the device — all that without switching the voltage off on the entire system!

A summary of the benefits is shown in the Behind bars infographic – Safety under Power

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