A digital champion comes out of hiding

ABB is committed to taking digital leadership to the next level with development of one of the world’s biggest industrial cloud platforms

It might surprise you to learn that ABB is a world leader when it comes to using and leveraging data, until you look at our installed base of devices that are digitally enabled or connected: today ABB has installed at its global customer base 70 million connected devices, 70’000 digital control systems, and 6’000 enterprise-level software solutions.

We have been pioneering digital technologies for several decades, across more than 20 industries, and have a vast amount of operational information, insights, and expertise that we incorporate into solutions that address our customers’ challenges in an ever faster-changing world.

Now we are taking digital to the next level with the launch of ABB Ability, comprising our portfolio of digital solutions and services across all customer segments. It cements ABB’s leading position in the Fourth Industrial and Energy revolutions. Our new integrated cloud platform will uniquely combine our deep domain knowledge and extensive portfolio of industrial solutions with Microsoft’s Azure intelligent cloud as well as B2B engineering competence.


ABB Ability will unlock new opportunities for our customers, reducing downtime, increasing resource efficiency and improving productivity overall. Our capacity to provide real-world insights of a company’s operations and to act upon these insights in the physical world is what sets up apart. As Chief Digital Officer, I will lead the digital transformation of ABB to benefit our customers, shareholders, and our teams.

At the ABB Technology Forum, on the 20th of October, I look forward to explaining how we are going to “awaken the digital force” within ABB and take our digital offering to the next level. I will be sharing the stage with thought leaders in the field, such as Professor Robert Armstrong of the MIT Energy Initiative and leading German IoT writer Ulrich Sendler. The day will also see the unveiling of the first winner of the ABB Research Award in Honor of Hubertus von Gruenberg, awarded every three years to a pioneering post-doctoral research project.

You can find out more about the ABB Technology Forum at our microsite, where you can see a live webcast of the event.

You can also follow the day’s activities on social media via the hashtag #ABBtechforum.

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Guido Jouret

Mr. Jouret joined ABB on October 1, 2016, as Chief Digital Officer, to lead the next level of develop-ment and deployment of ABB’s digital solutions for customers globally and across all businesses. Before ABB, he was Chief Technology Officer at Nokia Technologies and, prior to that, he was at Envision Energy, where he led the software products business, including a platform for the emerging energy internet. Mr. Jouret spent the first 20 years of his career at Cisco, most recently as General Manager of the Internet of Things division. He was also Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group, a unit responsible for incubating new businesses. Mr. Jouret is a US and Belgian citizen.
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