Living in the future today

Sometimes you have to stop and marvel at that we seem to be living in the future today.

Paradigm shifts abound, including skyrocketing connectivity and computing power, advanced data analytics improving efficiency and reliability, leaps in robotic technology and the coming of collaborative robots, machine learning, self-driving electric cars and private space programs bound for Mars, breakthroughs in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Yesterday’s science fiction is now part of our lives. These are exciting times indeed.

I find myself at the frontier of cutting edge technology and digitalization, with ABB reshaping our future. Initially introducing its first electrical robot in 1974, ABB pioneered remote technology in 2007, and introduced the world’s first truly collaborative robot YuMi in 2015.

Now all ABB robots are ready to be connected to Connected Services, a suite of advanced services leveraging actionable data from connected robots worldwide. This results in greater robot performance and reliability while lowering the cost of ownership and extending equipment lifetimes.

Digitalization also means ensuring better safety and efficiency from engineering and commission to operating and automation systems. It also enables collaboration across the value chain, connecting islands of automation such as production and packaging, or helping manufacturers to integrate suppliers and distributors for greater efficiency.

With technological milestones being reached with an ever increasing speed it is fascinating to be part of ABB, a company that not only keeps up with technology but actually helps driving it. Welcome to the future today!

Learn more about ABB Connected Services in this video.


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Martin Segerstrom

I’m the Service Communications Manager for ABB Robotics globally. With 20+ years of experience in market communications and a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, my career began as an engineer at ABB in 1990, manufacturing electrical relays for four years. From 1999 to 2014, I have been Project and Account Manager as well as Partner in the advertising industry, with clients like ABB, Atlas Copco, Bahco, DeLaval, Outokumpu, Sandvik and Snap-on Inc. I joined ABB Robotics in 2014. In my spare time I enjoy the occasional film, exercising and nature in general.
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