Celebrating 10K LinkedIn Group members with our 10 favourite discussions

What makes a successful Linkedin community: best ways to spark a discussion or reasons to join.

We’ve recently hit 10’000 members on ABB’s System 800xA Linkedin group, where control system engineers, plant managers, control room operators and automation experts share and discuss solutions for industrial process control. This is ABB’s biggest LinkedIn Group. Symbolically, our international user community now equals the number of the 800xA systems installed all over the world – helping ABB be the no.1 global DCS supplier for over a decade.

As we say thank you to every user who joined this technical forum, we wanted to share the most popular posts among the recent ones. Hope they will inspire many new fruitful discussions. Non-members can find some ideas on the kinds of conversations that make a great LinkedIn community and maybe consider them as 10 reasons to join System 800xA group (you need to be part of the group to read the full discussions linked below). Real engagement and no spam guaranteed.

  1. Helping a new user getting started Our customers are very active supporting new users eager to learn, e.g. on how to learn to program, practicing on a soft controller. Letting group members know about the coming webinars and other opportunities to learn is always a good idea.

  2. Sharing a useful tool When planning a new project or expansion, finding the right hardware can be a challenge. System 800xA Hardware Selector tool makes it easy to compare and choose the matching units. Creating time-saving tools and tips means real value. 

  3. Providing product explanation – by a partner A system integrator working a lot with ABB’s System 800xA has produced  a video explaining why control system engineers would benefit from using its ProBase Library (a package of libraries, typicals, and templates for product routing). Being recommended by the community is the biggest honor.

  4. Getting multiple views on a technical challenge Often there are different ways to approach a challenging issue. As shown in this peer discussion (about multiple applications in one control builder), getting different perspectives from the experienced engineers helps take a more informed decision.

  5. Making the impossible possible? When someone stated that something was impossible with System 800xA, spontaneously, almost 40 system users turned it into a hot thread showing how to do it – in this case, it was about Siemens PLC integration in 800xA. Don’t be shy to ask!

  6. Helping to meet a tight project schedule When a project schedule is tight and it is your first attempt to implement an application, there is no time to lose. In this discussion, the community was fast to react with recommendations on the best possible way to integrate ABB VFDs in System 800xA. Relying on the social community can save your day, but it might not always replace the good old way of talking to your supplier.

  7. Finding earlier generation system users and experts With the ABB process control systems built to last and our clear strategy – ‘only evolve what is needed and when it makes sound economic sense’, earlier generation control system owners also benefit from the System 800xA community to find and support each other – like in this thread about the Sattline.  And it’s good to stay updated regarding the latest technologies and new possibilities when the time comes to upgrade.

  8. Learning about technology breakthroughs When sharing case studies about the most innovative solutions, the engineers involved in the “first-time-ever” projects can directly reply to questions. Here are such examples: “First time ever integrated automation will manage end-to-end pulp production – from a single control room” or “Bringing revolutionary coal seam gas to LNG plant on-line: the first and the largest gas scheme of its kind”. Get to know real people behind the projects.

  9. Giving advice beyond DCS Our group members have many skills and talents, very often we see them clarify questions beyond distributed control system (DCS) scope, like in this discussion about programming PLC. Through social networking, even unexpected subjects can find the way to their subject matter experts.

  10. Celebrating together When we celebrated 30 years of one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World, it was very heartwarming to get comments from the engineers who had been there in 1996. Or to get congratulations from all over the world, when our Chinese colleagues presented the “Top 10 User-Trusted Products” reward won by System 800xA in China. Celebrating is being grateful. It feels so good to be a part of something extraordinary, part of a strong community!

What I like in System 800xA group is that it has grown into both a virtual and a real place, where its members – mostly outside ABB – connect, share and help each other spontaneously and generously. And of course, you can always count on our specialists on LinkedIn, or find support locally in your country via www.abb.com/800xA and still meet face-to-face.

Which other LinkedIn groups do you like and can recommend?


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