The sun never sets on ABB

Solar Impulse arrives in the Middle East, witness to the power of the sun

When Solar Impulse flew into Cairo Airport, Egypt, it had succeeded in reaching the final region of the mission to be the first plane to circumnagivate the planet with zero fuel. The final flight to tick off the list is to another Middle Eastern country, The United Arab Emirates.

What better place could there be promote solar power than the sun-drenched countries that straddle North Africa and the Gulf? And what better company to demonstrate the potential of this clean power source than ABB, present in Egypt for 90 years and with a proven track record in solar since the 1990s.

No one provides more solar solutions than ABB, with its comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions. These range from commercial and industrial applications, power plants and residential rooftop, all of which can be found at ABB in Egypt’s 2’500 square meter site in 10th of Ramadan Industrial City. As further proof of ABB’s solar credentials, the company’s technology has enabled the production of almost a quarter of all the power generated from roof top installations in Egypt in the last 2 years.

For thousands of years, Egyptians have respected and revered the power of the sun, and now, the future of solar power in Egypt is brighter than ever: the Government’s recent announcement of an increased feed-in tariff for solar installations below 200KW is an indication of their commitment to increase demand for roof-top installations throughout the country, spearheading a widespread shift towards clean energy sources.

The arrival of the Solar Impulse plane in the Middle East is a reminder that, at a time when the pollution caused by energy production is putting our planet’s future at risk, the sun provides a clean alternative. ABB in Egypt has the experience, technology and pioneering spirit to help the country, and wider region, on that journey.


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Formerly a broadcaster and communications consultant, I am currently based in Zurich as Global Special Projects Manager for ABB. I like to write about issues surrounding technology, sustainable development and society.
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