Can robots have super powers?

Unlocking advanced services that harness actionable data across your installed base; for secured uptime and optimized performance - ABB Connected Services.

Starting now your ABB robots will have superpowers. They will not be able to fly or leap mountains. Instead they will be ready to connect, wirelessly or hard wired, to Connected Services, unlocking a world of possibilities in predictive, proactive and immediate support.

ABB presented our first full-blown super hero in 2007, Remote Services pioneering remote monitoring and diagnostics. In those days, additional hardware needed to be installed in the controller to make Remote Services operational. Now, we are unleashing a team of bold new super heroes in our Connected Services suite, to secure the uptime and optimize the performance of our customers’ robot systems anywhere and anytime.

While Connected Services will not bend steal or come with x-ray vision, their collective forces can lead up to an impressive 25% fewer incidents, and 60% faster response time and issue recovery. Today, having the most advanced offering of its kind on the market, we already have more than 5,000 robots connected to Connected Services.

So which are the five members in our new amazing team of Connected Services?

  • Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics, introduced in its first form 2007, which is a secure 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics service, which helps keep robot systems running at optimal performance.
  • Backup Management ensures that there is always a full robot program backup available. Automatic backups can be scheduled at any time and can be stored in the cloud, or on any server.
  • Remote Access gives quick and secure access on customer request and supervision, protected by hardware and software security. Remote Access lets you react to performance related or unexpected issues. Expert knowledge is available, as if you were sitting at the controller.
  • Fleet Assessment benchmarks your robots to ABB’s entire population of connected robots. This allows us to identify the hardest working robots in your fleet and prioritize their service needs.
  • Asset Optimization can help identify robots, components and software which are not performing at optimal levels, and provide regular proactive recommendations on how to improve performance and avoid events that can cause downtime.

So bring out the super powers in your new robot by getting connected to Connected Services by registering at

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I’m a Global Product Manager for ABB Robotics, which I joined in 2012 in Germany. With 15 years of experience in robotics automation, I have held various management positions during my career, including Global Technology Manager at KraussMaffei in Germany. In my spare time you’ll find me playing tennis, skiing and spending quality time with my wife and two children.
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