ABB’s SNK terminal blocks make safe assembly child’s play

Improving ease of use by design

To be effective, safety must be second nature, which is why we invest time and effort to make sure the design of our terminal blocks is simple and ergonomic. Terminal blocks by definition should make connecting electrical currents safe and easy, to save time and increase productivity. So how do you gauge whether a design innovation actually improves things?

One way is to see how somebody with no experience handles the task. In our short video below, you can see how easily six-year old Lina manages to mount 10 terminal blocks, even when the adult’s try to cheat a little.

Ease is a watchword for ABB as we assess the innovation of new products. When we invest more time in the design and ergonomics of a product, the savings multiply exponentially for our customers in their daily connection challenges.

With the SNK series, customers don’t just buy a terminal block, they buy time a very precious commodity, through ease of use. The optimized range makes them easy to select, install, connect and maintain. ABB developers found 30 different ways to optimize the design of the SNK series to improve the connection experience for users.  These include:

  • An asymmetrical shape that makes handling easier and that prevents block reversal and short-circuits;
  • An easy, snap-fix to the rail;
  • A 20% larger marking area to improve circuit identification and a flat marking surface that allows pre-marking by hand, labels or wire markers

Watch the video to see how a terminal block mounted the wrong way is immediately detected thanks to the asymmetrical design. If a better design makes safe assembly child’s play, then more time can be devoted to ensuring the right connection are made, making wiring connections more intuitive using SNK series terminal blocks.

ABB has a leading position on the market of low-voltage products. Why? Because we take our responsibility seriously, securing the user and the installation at every possible opportunity. During assembly, while connecting, when marking and during maintenance, ABB’s SNK designs make terminal blocks safer and easier.

View all the SNK video series on here

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