Solar Impulse: hibernation is over!

Solar Impulse is preparing to fly from Hawaii to the US mainland. ABB renews its innovation and technology alliance.

Recently, the media has been reporting sightings of a strange-looking, almost silent UFO above the island of Oahu in the US state of Hawaii.

The object in question is the Solar Impulse plane, SI2, back in the air after a winter hiatus, circling the island during maintenance and training flights as it prepares to head to the US mainland on the second part of its round-the-world mission.

ABB’s innovation and technology alliance with the project continues this year and, as take-off approaches, we will join the team and send fresh news and information, with an ABB perspective, from the ground. This means showing that ABB and Solar Impulse share a common vision: running the world without consuming the earth. Together, we believe that if the advanced technology that exists today were widely used, the world’s overall energy consumption could be dramatically reduced and renewables could be a much more important part of the electricity supply.

Around a year ago, when Solar Impulse was flying across India, we showed how ABB microgrid technology is bringing clean electricity to remote, off-grid communities in the subcontinent and improving the quality of life of their citizens.


This year we will cover a variety of subjects, including another angle on the microgrid story in Hawaii, clean transport solutions in cars, trams and rail, advances in the solar industry and how the fourth industrial revolution is set to bring about major advances in energy efficiency.

We’re looking forward to sharing these stories, demonstrating the many ways that ABB is making a positive difference around the world.

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Formerly a broadcaster and communications consultant, I am currently based in Zurich as Global Special Projects Manager for ABB. I like to write about issues surrounding technology, sustainable development and society.
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