Smart services and yellow safety vests

Three yellow safety vests: your guide to smart services available at the ABB booth at this year's Hanover Fair

Industry 4.0 services are becoming increasingly important. Visitors to Hannover Messe can experience first hand such intelligent services at the ABB booth.

Of course our customers know it. ABB offers service from A to Z: We offer services and products from one source, from elimination of serious malfunctions to cooperative partnerships. Every year, Hannover Messe provides fantastic opportunities to discuss developments in the service area with customers and to present our current highlights. It is especially exciting for me to speak to visitors who have no previous experience of ABB as a service provider. They can not only experience the latest products and systems but also the smart services for power and automation technology live at the approximately 1,750 square meter ABB trade fair booth. This time, we present our service under the motto “The service world of ABB – customer oriented and visionary“. Visit us in hall 11, booth A35.

The Internet of Things, Services and People with our new smart sensor and YuMi at the ABB booth

The Internet of Things, Services and People with our new smart sensor and YuMi at the ABB booth

Smart Services as a motor of industry 4.0

Our offer of intelligent services grows continuously. Such Industry 4.0 (integrated industry) services are becoming increasingly important. “In the age of Industry 4.0 individualized Smart Services, which are generated from the operational data of products are often more important than the product itself“, states Frank Riemensperger, Germany head of the consultancy Accenture. And Manager Magazin states, “Data based service offers, so called smart services, are the actual engine of Industry 4.0 since neither the use of sensors nor the networking of machines solely represent any added value with respect to previously offered solutions.”

In correspondence with the guiding topic of Hannover Messe “Industry 4.0” or officially “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions“, we show you a selection of service products and applications which help to realize the “Internet of Things, Services and People“ (IoTSP) or contribute to realizing it

The Internet of Things, Services and People

Internet of Things, Services and People? While talk is only about the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in the industry 4.0 debate, the fact is that ABB consciously extends this concept. Only the interplay of things, services and people can lead to full integration, which is advantageous for productivity and efficiency. In other words, the industry of tomorrow is shaped by the internet based interplay of Things, Services and People.

At the same time, this “of tomorrow” increasingly becomes “is already on a good path”. This comes from someone who knows where the industry stands with respect to the topic “Industry 4.0”: Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the board of the Deutsche Messe AG states, “Integrated Industry is no longer a vision of the future. It is reality. Industry 4.0 is moving into more and more factories”.

The extent to which this is already a reality is not covered by any newspaper articles, online contribution or TV program. An essential experience! This year’s Hannover Messe is a great opportunity for this.

Experience the ABB Service World in hall 11

We, at ABB Service, offer a selection of industry 4.0 applications for the industrial, infrastructural and power supply areas: Starting with Smart Sensor for low voltage motors and the intelligent low voltage circuit breakers Emax2, via the device Management Tool “Field Information Manager” (FIM) for measuring technology, the productivity software Decathlon for industry as well as Data Centers, applications for the Marine as well as the Integrated Operation Center solution up to the Asset Health Center (AHC) for preventive maintenance in the area of power supply, we present smart services, which enable our customers to evaluate data more intelligently, optimize their operation and thereby increase productivity and flexibility.

When I look at our trade fair booth, it occurs to me that it is not only the IoTSP exhibits, which generate great interest amongst the visitors. Questions are always asked about conventional service topics such as migration solutions, retrofits / upgrades, cyber security solutions and service contracts.

“Yellow safety vests“ as cross divisional contact point

Our “three yellow safety vests” are very much appreciated. Some service employees are wearing protective gear at the trade fair booth and are very recognizable in the vests mentioned. The employees can therefore attract attention in large crowds and bustle. And of course this is the intention. Since they act as first and cross sector contact point, contact person and guide for the visitors. If you are on-site, to which I warmly invite you on behalf of ABB, and if you have questions about the service world of ABB, then watch out for the service employees in the yellow safety vests. Our colleagues are happy to help you.

Visit our website, come along to hall 11, booth A35 and use the comments field in this blog to give me your impressions of the trade fair. I look forward to your feedback.

ABB at the Hannover Messe 2016: 25th to 29th April in hall 11, booth A35.



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