How the internet of things, services and people is shaping the future of our customer experience

ABB and Salesforce showcase a partnership at CeBIT that will help bring our technology to customers like never before.

The world around us is changing fast, and so is ABB. One only needs to walk the halls at CeBIT, the global event for digital business in Germany, to see the dynamic growth and excitement around the opportunities presented by today’s technology. There are vast amounts of data, for example about our customers, on what they buy and how they use our products, amassed over years, from across the globe. But until this point, we did not have all of that data available at our fingertips, to process and create valuable information out of it, in order to make the best possible experience for our customers.

We know that our customers truly value ABB’s products and services, but we also know that we can do even better by them. In order to move forward with the change, with the vast amount of information, we need to unlock the key to making the customer the core of our business. To do that, we have embarked on a sales transformation journey at ABB, in order to change our mindsets and provide more value to our customers, and make more of our great portfolio available to them. Many of the customers I met at CeBIT are really excited about how ABB is grasping that challenge.

From inception, the partnership between ABB and has marked the beginning of this evolution at our company, one that will help us to fully utilize the benefits of our expertise and technology. With Salesforce, ABB will use data, to connect people throughout our company like never before, and cultivate this collaboration into something invaluable to our customers.

At CeBIT, we showcased this partnership and the value proposition it represents to our company. By displaying ABB’s revolutionary technology in Robotics (with YuMi), Marine and Ports, and Process Industry to demonstrate how it is now possible to bring technology and people together. We are able to show how this is a real transformation for ABB, a sales transformation, that puts our customer right at the center where they belong.

There is a lot of talk about the “Internet of Things,” but at ABB we take it to the next level. By adding “Services and People” to it, we are personalizing technology. Because in the end it’s about connecting people, both inside and outside our company. ABB will use Salesforce technology to connect ABB colleagues with customers, partners, and each other across the globe, making it easier for customers to benefit from our all of our solutions. Watch the video below to see how it all comes together…

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Gareth Dean

I am Vice President of Strategic Sales, ABB Marketing and Sales.
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