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ABB Protection and Connection business, evaluate risks and prevent problems in critical sites such as factories, office buildings and data centers

Imagine wearing a device that could alert you one week before you were about to get the flu or even the early warnings of a heart condition. With such an early warning, you’d be able to take precautions to prevent illnesses from ever occurring. Now suppose that your doctor could continuously monitor your health from his office and let you know when difficulties were about to emerge, long before you noticed any warning signs.

We might not yet have the technology to monitor our physical conditions 24/7 and predict when our bodies will need maintenance. But we do have advanced technology and skilled service personnel from ABB Protection and Connection business that can evaluate risks and prevent problems in critical sites such as the electrification systems of factories, office buildings, and data centers.

It is essential for today’s world of business to have the ability to predict impending issues with electrical equipment. Waiting for a fault to occur in a breaker or switch and then fixing it is definitely more costly, both in terms of money and downtime.

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That is why ABB offers preventive and risk-based maintenance to businesses. This type of maintenance examines the current condition of switches and breakers and uses advanced computer technology to determine what actions should be taken on a continuous basis.

The program used is ABB’s Life Expectancy Analysis Program, or LEAP. This predictive diagnostic analysis program gives customers a complete report on the health of all devices both before and after a field service engineer examines the system. It also provides important suggestions for future maintenance activities.

Another tool is available through ABB MySiteCare and MyRemoteCare, which introduce data-driven, condition-based maintenance. Continuous monitoring of the condition of circuit breakers reveals their actual performance and use, and this information can prevent the occurrence of serious faults and thereby reduce maintenance costs.

The MySiteCare package provides on-site diagnostic information and issues warnings to customers about any looming failures. MyRemoteCare extends MySiteCare via the Internet. This program sends alerts to customers and enables ABB experts to continuously monitor breaker conditions worldwide and schedule maintenance when needed.

The key to these innovative systems is the trained ABB professional who carries out service for our customers. The service experts develop the highest-level competencies for maintaining each product at our training centers. Here our customers can also learn how ABB products can help them perform their own maintenance.

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I've worked for ABB for a long time and I have held various positions in Service over the past 10 years. Currently I am the global service manager for the Protection and Connection products, based in Bergamo, Italy. Data-driven maintenance is one of the fundamentals for our products. Qualified ABB Service professionals and tailor made Service agreements are keys to our growth in the Service businesses. Customers’ needs are changing fast and we need appropriate responses to meet them.
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