ABB brings 125+ years of innovative thinking to CERAweek

ABB brings its message of efficiency to the world's premiere conference on energy.

Where can you expect to find heads of state, CEOs and cabinet-level officials all in one place? If you said Davos, you’d be right, but if I added the word “energy” to the mix, you’d most likely think of Houston.

CERAweek, dubbed the “Davos of the energy industry,” kicks off February 22 in Houston with a focus on energy transition, an appropriate topic given the turbulent times the industry is experiencing. With both oil and gas prices at multi-year lows, navigating a shift toward low-carbon energy sources has gotten considerably more challenging. However, there is one measure that everyone can get behind: efficiency.

Energy efficiency is not only the most effective way to mitigate climate change while building a more sustainable energy future, it comes with its own business case. Even in today’s cost environment, the least expensive megawatt is still the one you don’t use.

ABB has a long tradition of pushing the efficiency envelope across all forms of energy production, from supplying offshore platforms with power from shore or delivering low-cost hydropower to distant cities with minimal losses using HVDC transmission. Now we’re looking to the future, and we’re applying everything we’ve learned not only to the way energy is produced and distributed but also to how it’s used.

ABB is proud to be a major partner of CERAweek, and even more to be a part of the discussion.


For more information about ABB at CERAweek, visit our microsite.

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Bob Fesmire

Bob Fesmire is a Content Manager at ABB, based in Cary, North Carolina. He has written more than 150 articles and white papers on a variety of topics including energy efficiency, industrial automation and big data. In addition to his work at ABB, Bob is also the co-author of Energy Explained, a non-technical introduction to all aspects of the energy industry.
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