Want to know what ABB terminal blocks are doing in a washing machine?

Watch the new ABB SNK blockhead video series and find out.

Just as a petrol head is somebody interested is fast cars, the blockhead is someone with a keen interest in terminal blocks.

He or she will seek out the quickest and most robust way of connecting wires to make a circuit and with this in mind we’ve developed a video series that points out the benefits of using ABB’s SNK terminal blocks. With ABB PI-spring technology wires can be connected in half the time taken for conventional terminal blocks and they are robust enough for use in even the harshest environments. But don’t take my word for it – watch the videos and see for yourself. If you’re not already a blockhead, you soon will be!

ABB’s SNK terminal blocks video – episode 1

Reliable in extreme conditions.
SNK range is particularly suited for applications where products can withstand harsh conditions, such as marine, switchgear, elevators or railways. The unit has successfully passed the most severe vibration, shock, temperature and vibration tests.

Features :
– High corrosion resistance (>1000h)
– Compliant to IEC61373 vibration and shock test

SNK terminal blocks challenges video – Episode 2

Improved installation efficiency
SNK series PI-spring terminal blocks allow 50% faster connection time in push-in mode.
Save even more time with our snap on screw-less ground terminal blocks, end stops, plugs and jumpers.
– 50% faster connection
– Direct one step insertion with rigid and prepared flexible conductors
– Reduced effort and preparation time with spring mode

Be ready to see episode 3 of SNK challenge videos and become an even greater blockhead!

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