What can be learnt from the new ABB System pro E power switchboard

ABB has transformed the design and assembly of switchboards to make the process simpler, faster and less labor-intensive.

ABB’s new System pro E power switchboard is like a flat pack made easy. Instead of hundreds of screws, the new System pro E power switchboard locks together with a new patented design to make assembly simpler, faster and less labor-intensive. There are several patented go-faster assembly technologies incorporated in the product, but five among them are worth highlighting further since they make the life of manufacturers, electricians and contractors particularly better.

  • Breaker-kitBreaker kit. Breaker kit. A single code order will get you all the components required along with details on how to mount the circuit breaker. The breaker kit is appropriate for segregation partitions embed into a switchboard up to form 4b. The kit contains the fixing brackets and mounting plate. ABB’s new design allows for a very quick and simple installation. Mounting a bracket doesn’t require a single screw. The mounting plate enables fixed, plug-in and withdrawable breaker assembly with either rear or front terminals.
  • Corner-elementThree-way joining corner element. Three-way corner joining element. This simple, unique invention has made the design of switchboards more flexible. It allows for the assembly of a spacious cube configuration in a variety of dimensions, following simple rules for putting the elements together. In the end, this new element will help reduce warehousing, delivery cost and storage space; because instead of shipping a completely assembled skeleton structure, ABB can deliver a flat pack that can be assembled on site.
  • busbar-system-blocksBusbar system blocks.Busbar system blocks. Just three sizes of insulating supports are needed to cover busbars ranging from 250 to 7,000 Amps. The system resembles a Meccano, or Erector Set, in its flexibility and works with linear or scaled busbar systems.
  • PlinthPlinth.Plinth. While not necessarily an element that simplifies assembly, ABB’s new plinth helps modernize switchboard systems. It is much more robust than its predecessors; because it is made from a single piece of metal, it can sustain weights as high as 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs.).
  • locking-systemNewly designed exterior parts and locking system. Newly designed exterior parts and locking system. The new system incorporates special features that allow assembly of enclosures by one operator. Its well-engineered locking system hides all the moving parts to make the installation of the door very simple. The hinges can be mounted on either side for total flexibility.

    The next time you open a flat pack cabinet at home, consider how this compares to the easy, efficient, lean assembly of the ABB switchboard enclosures you rely on at work. System pro E Power from ABB brings simplicity, flexibility and speed to the assembly process.

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