How two apps can improve the performance of your drives

Smart devices are improving the tracking, controlling and analyzing of industrial processes

Mobile devices can be seen everywhere these days. Many people even carry more than one. In 2014 more than a billion smartphones were sold globally, growth of around 28% from 2013. It’s actually starting to be rare to find anyone, anywhere today without a smartphone.

Smartphones and tablets are clearly making their way into commercial and manufacturing environments too. They are increasingly being used in automation and process industry to monitor, control, troubleshoot and manage different types of industrial devices.

Industrial devices are also getting smarter; they can report statuses, talk to other similar devices and draw conclusions based on those talks. Everything is getting connected which will result in massive amounts of data for us to refine into information and wisdom.

We at ABB introduced two mobile apps at the Hannover Automation Fair in April. These are called Drivebase and Drivetune.

Drivebase – Database for Drives
Drivebase was initially introduced at the SPS fair in Germany in 2014. Essentially it’s a mobile app for keeping track of your drives. One of the nice features is drive fault analysis with the help of an innovative QR code solution. Drivebase also provides the user with service recommendations, capability to report service actions, easy access to product manuals and search function for ABB contacts. A drive can also be registered to get an additional warranty.

Drivebase is all about keeping track of the installed base of drives, providing you with rapid support and easy access to the different services that ABB provides for drives. Drivebase is free and available in Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Drivetune – Tuning Drives with a Friendly Dashboard
Drivetune is an advanced mobile app for monitoring and controlling your drives. It allows the user to see the status of the drive on the Drivetune dashboard and perform drive commissioning via an appealing and easy to use interface. The app connects to the drive over Bluetooth, enabling data exchange in both directions. This feature will also open up many interesting possibilities for future uses and development.

Drivetune is free and available in Google Play, iOS version will be released in the near future.

Hannover automation fair was held under the theme of ‘The Internet of Things’, our apps clearly supported that topic. We saw LOTS of interest. Numerous customers, visitors, and even our competitors stopped by, asking lots of questions and providing some great feedback. People are really excited about the potential for mobile devices and the experiences that we are starting to offer.

For us, at ABB drives, this means easy to use and appealing interfaces, quick access to drive status, services and support, efficient commissioning and seamless collaboration with colleagues. These two apps give a great base for our Drives and Services mobile offering to stand on and you can find out more about them on our website.

This of course is only the start. We will continue to develop these apps further, by making sure to listen carefully to our customers so we can supply meaningful benefits and experiences that provide real value. That’s the only way to have long term success in any business and it certainly applies to our mobile efforts as well. Stay tuned. . .

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Teemu Tanila

Mobile devices and apps are everywhere. I have been working on this area for quite a while, almost 15 years now. I joined ABB in 2013 and have since been developing ABB Drives Service mobile offering as a Product Manager for Mobile Tools. Things are changing fast in this field which makes it challenging, but also very interesting area to work on. I certainly enjoy every moment of it.
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