Don’t waste your power – manage it

Circuit breakers switch power. ABB SACE Emax2 manages it.

I had the privilege to be invited to a special event, the launch of a ABB’s new Emax2 circuit breaker for the US market. Asking what it was all about, all I was told was “It’s going to be revolutionary.” I couldn’t help but wonder just how revolutionary a circuit breaker could be. Breakers are those devices that switch off or interrupt power by tripping when you use too much power. To attend the event, I had to drive to Chicago where traffic jams are more common than cows in my home state of Wisconsin.

The product reveal

After arriving to the venue, the time for the product reveal had finally arrived. With a gathering that included electrical distributors, engineers, electrical contractors, equipment manufacturers, facility maintenance managers and more, we were seated. With a full venue, the presenters explained the demands and challenges facilities face with electrical power. Some of the issues explained were not all that different then a Chicago traffic jam. There was plenty of capacity during low demand times, but the system becomes strained during peak times. The presenters did not just explain the challenges, they showed how the ABB SACE Emax2 power circuit breaker could help solve them.

Per ABB, the Emax 2 power circuit breaker lowers energy waste, improves efficiency, measures, analyzes, and shares information. It gives you control. Circuit breakers switch power. ABB SACE Emax2 manages it.

During a question and answer period, someone asked “What if you already have your system built?” The presenters explained that it’s not a problem because the ABB SACE Emax2 can be installed into existing power distribution equipment. Another person asked “What if the breaker that is installed is another brand?” I was happy to hear the presenters explain that the ABB SACE Emax2 will not only fit, but the bus-bar that carries the power inside the equipment do not need modification, theABB SACE Emax2 can match up to the existing equipment.
I left the event knowing I had just seen something special. Somehow, I felt connected to the people who attended MacWorld 2007 when Steve Jobs Introduced the iPhone. I was there when the way we think about managing power changed.

Today, I got a calender invitation to a special product launch event in June. I asked what its all about. All I was told is “Its going to be revolutionary.” With a feeling of exuberance, and a grin on my face, I’m looking forward to it!

In the meantime, for further information on the EMAX 2 take a look at the two videos below..



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