Safety doesn’t happen by accident

The safety of our customers, suppliers and our employees is the number one priority for ABB

As a Finn, coming from the very northern part of Europe, I’m proud to say there is a very strong safety culture here: we have good safety policies, standards and people genuinely care about being safe and working safely. And this runs throughout ABB. Many of our low voltage solutions are tailored to protect people and machinery.

As a marketing professional, I am only too happy to talk about the benefits of our safety switches. A little product that can do so much. They are installed in a visible place near machines and motors in many industries and prevent mechanical and electrical accidents. When a safety switch is used, the machine is isolated from the network and nobody can start the machine while somebody else is working on it.


We recently created a video about our latest safety switch which featured a packing machine. Including installation such a machine costs around 25,000 € and a suitable safety switch costs around 25 €. This means that by adding 0,1 % to the total cost of the solution, companies can avoid costs associated with accidents, damage to their reputation and the most important thing; they can prevent serious injuries and save lives. Safety switches are simple devices, but they allow parents to come home to their families every night.

There are regulations and standards that enforce this safety precaution. Unfortunately, we still see many places in the world and many situations where safety devices are missing and accidents happen. Safety does not come from regulations and standards alone, it has to be part of our culture, in our way of living. It really is in all of our hands.



The cost of the packing machine mentioned and the attached safety switch is an estimation based on the situation in Finland and can vary depending on machine, site and country

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Jukka-Pekka Niemi

I’m the marcoms manager for ABB's Breakers and Switches business unit
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