Hannover Fair 2015 wrap up – plus YuMi® contest winners announced!

At ABB Robotics we're still coming down from the buzz that YuMi created during its unveiling.

By all measures, the official market launch of YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, at Hannover Fair 2015 was an incredible success. With dozens of major media outlets picking up on the paradigm-changing nature of this innovative product for collaborative human-machine assembly, we were busy every moment of every day at the trade show fielding questions from reporters and customers alike.

We even had a visit from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who both had the chance to personally interact with YuMi and learn how easy it is to program and what makes it special.

If you haven’t yet watched our YuMi Introduction Movie, or simply have no idea what YuMi is, please take a look here:

In the days leading up to Hannover Fair—one of the world’s most important trade shows for industry—ABB Robotics also ran a fun #YuMiContest on Facebook to see what kind of creative, fanciful ideas our followers could come up with that would see YuMi put to use make their everyday lives easier. Although YuMi is a serious solution for the automation of small parts assembly, it’s always fun to think of robots in ways that can improve the tedious details of everyday life.

In total we received 79 entries for the contest, ranging from totally wacky to very practical. First and Second place prizes were awarded to the people who got the most votes, and an additional 3 prizes were handed out to people who had the most practical applications for YuMi. The full awardees list is below.

Winners of Popular Votes

1st Place: Anbu G. with 3,287 Votes – Use YuMi to clean up human trash.
2nd Place: Sahil M. with 1,647 Votes – Use YuMi to cut vegetables and other repetitive work in kitchens.

Winners of Practical Votes

1st Place: Gowrisankar S. – Use YuMi to handle electrical switchgear.
2nd Place: Rahul G. – Use YuMi to build other YuMi robots.
3rd Place goes to 3 individuals, because they all have the same idea: Alexey S., Khurso K., Babu S. – Use YuMi to replace cashiers and conduct inventory in supermarkets.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the YuMi Contest. For the winners above, expect to be contacted soon to make arrangements for us to send you your ABB gift packages.


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