Solar Impulse: From Ahmedabad to Varanasi in pictures

Solar Impulse bids a fond farewell to India

The Solar Impulse plane (SI2), piloted by Bertrand Piccard, left India in the early hours of this morning and touched down in Mandalay just a few hours ago. With the fourth leg of the round-the-world tour now complete and the SI2 ready to be housed in its mobile hangar, we take a look back at the third leg between Ahmedabad and Varanasi..

AndreBorschberg_Tweet AndreBorschberg_Tweet2jpg

Video: Solar Impulse touches down in Varanasi

Images: Solar Impulse lands in Varanasi, India. At the controls: André Borschberg, who piloted the plane from Ahmedabad to Varanasi.


Images: Solar Impulse ground crew perform pre-flight checks before takeoff just a few hours later:

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