After short pit stop in Muscat, Solar Impulse flies on to India

André Borschberg completes first leg of round-the-world solar flight. After an 11 hour layover in Muscat, Oman, Bertrand Piccard took off for Ahmedabad

André Borschberg successfully touched down in Muscat last night at 20:13 local time, which completes the first leg of the Solar Impulse round-the-world solar flight. Upon landing, Mr Borschberg was given a warm welcome to Oman by local dignitaries, his team, including ABB engineers and managers.

The former fighter pilot and CEO of Solar Impulse described the take-off and crossing from Abu Dhabi to Oman as emotional, ‘Big emotion when we left, very difficult to be ready as it’s a complex airplane. When I crossed boundaries between the UAE and Oman it was a hazy day. You could see the mountains of Oman coming up and it was so beautiful, so touching when I entered this country.’

Watch the Solar Impulse 2 land at night in Muscat in the video below…

Overnight, the plane was checked and prepared for the next leg of the journey. At 06:32 local time this morning Bertrand Piccard took over the controls and is currently in the air heading towards Ahmedabad.

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