What do you want to know about UPS and Power Conditioning?

The new ASK ABB online platform gives you a direct line to our power protection experts. Just ask…

The worst question is the one unasked. Many make the mistake of thinking their question is irrelevant when in fact it could be the most common question thought about.

In most cases, if you are thinking it, then the majority of people are thinking it too. You may think your question is an obvious one, and such thoughts can come into your head like, ‘I should know the answer’ or ‘if I ask it, I may look as though I don’t know what I’m doing’. Don’t worry, these natural assumptions creep into all of our thought patterns. You are not alone!

From a business perspective, answering your customer’s questions is your goal. Yet how many times have you desperately wondered what are your customers actually want to know? ASK ABB is exactly that. ASK ABB is a place where questions are answered. Think of it as a crowdsourcing knowledge platform, connecting people who know and people who want to know directly. You can ask a question or find out if someone else has asked the question. Using a voting system has helped to cut down on duplicate questions and answers, making ASK ABB a valuable resource.

You want answers on UPS and Power Conditioning? We will give them to you. Get rid of those negative thoughts of, ‘will I look silly asking this question?’ The answer to that question is, ‘No!’
All you need to do is ASK…our Power Protection team is waiting.


Image: Beatnik Photos under cc license via flickr (cropped)

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