What does it take to build a state-of-the-art transformer factory?

The factory is the first of its kind in Europe

This year ABB commissioned a completely new feeder factory in Lodz to serve its transformer units in Europe. It produces transformer components for a wide range of transformer types and sizes.

The factory is the first of its kind in Europe. With four product lines currently in operation, it supplies more than five ABB plants that manufacture oil and dry transformers as well as amorphous core transformers, which offer lower no-load and load losses.

The modular design of the factory allows each module to operate independently of each other and the flexible production set-up opens up possibilities to meet varying demand in terms of component size and design specifications.

For more efficiency, production equipment and operations are based on the latest ABB transformer production and process technology. The building itself is equipped with heat exchangers and dry transformers which can yield up to 25% in energy savings.

In January 2013 ABB started the ground breaking work. On schedule, 15 months later, the state-of-the-art factory was completed. Watch this video to see the time-lapse progression of the construction.


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Anders Strömbeck

I am the General Manager for the new Feeder Factory in Lodz, Poland. I've been with ABB since 1997 and have spent most of this time in the field of insulation and components for HV applications. I started working as a Project Manager and have been in various management roles including Global Product and General Management for the last 17 years.
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