The World Control Tour visited Automation World in Guangzhou to peer into China’s bright future

How the 800xA fits into the event theme of smart technology and intelligent upgrading

On May 15th and 16th, over 3,000 attendees walked the floor of China’s Automation World in awe of the automation solutions displayed. The event’s theme, “Smart Technology, Intelligent Upgrading”, purposely covers ABB’s full offering of products but happens to also fit perfectly with the mission of System 800xA and version 6 in particular.

A key message during presentations to customers was the enhanced upgrade experience involved with 800xA version 6. Designed to ease the pains caused by the halting of Windows XP’s support, v6 boasts an easy and intuitive upgrade process from older versions of the system, heritage ABB systems, and 3rd party systems. Windows XP is not the only stressor 800xA v6 aims to combat; it can be installed over any unsupported operating system. With 800xA v6, it’s not only about control but flexibility.

In a growing global economy, operators, facilities, corporations, and nations must be agile and adaptive to trends and regulation changes. System 800xA v6 is the most adaptive animal in the automation zoo. Scalability and usability are both attributes that the 800xA team is proud to say are embedded into the product, allowing for any size installation for a seemingly endless list of applications.

This message is heard loud and clear in China, where economic growth has been booming in recent years. Facilities can’t grow as fast as demand and so must be able to adjust quickly to changes in processes. We were happy to present version 6 to hundreds of Chinese customers dealing with these challenges during what was the World Control Tour’s sixth stop on its way around the world. Visitors were impressed with version 6’s eye toward the future, knowing that China’s future involves skyrocketing production demands.

Not only is the scope of business in China growing but so is the complexity in which it is conducted. This highlights another strong point of 800xA: The Power of Integration. Known for delivering higher productivity through the consolidation of process, electrical, safety and telecoms, 800xA lessens the burden for operations and simplifies engineering tasks. Helping to point people, systems and equipment into the same direction, a direction bringing further productivity, reliability and efficiency, is something the 800xA team and Control Technologies is very proud of. We are glad they scheduled a visit to China and look forward to hearing of further successes on the tour!

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Anne-JiaQi Yang is currently China & North Asia Regional Manager of ABB Control Technologies Business Unit and has been in this position since 2011. She received the “Women of the Year 2013” award from, an online media pioneer and leader in the field of industrial control and automation in China, for her outstanding contributions in the automation industry during 2013. Anne started her career at ABB China in 1996 and has held various positions in Sales and Business Development in China and Canada.
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